On the streets of São Paulo, millions of people travel, eat, work and consume producing TRASH. LOTS OF TRASH.


On these same streets, people, known simply as ‘scavengers’, usually homeless people, go throughout the city, pulling their carts loaded with cardboard, glass and other recyclable material that they find in the street, to sell.


Social exclusion is typical of Capitalism; the scavengers, like the trash, lose their place in society. They are invisible.


We will meet Paulo Sérgio, a scavenger who belongs to the Environmental Cooperative Union and ‘Artesanal Mofarrej’ (‘Mofarrej’s Handicrafts’) which is below a viaduct in the ‘Vila Leopoldina’ neighbourhood of São Paulo.


We will go with him, searching in the trash created by our society; looking for reusable material; pulling his cart with him, in the middle of the traffic, while enjoying his stray dogs’ company.


I wonder what stories we are going to discover.


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